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Use Ascentium to confidently add Medicare

Is the Medicare Affiliate program right for you?
Find out today!

Ten thousand Americans turn 65 every day.1

Medicare has a strong retention rate, often more than 90%2, and that may mean monthly residual income. In fact, many financial service professionals have already added Medicare to their practices, and virtually all of them have experienced a significant revenue bump. And with thousands of Americans turning 65 every day, expanding your firm to include Medicare services is probably something you’ve been pondering.

But how do you add Medicare to your firm?

Ascentium may be the answer.

To successfully add Medicare services, you need Medicare affiliates who are skilled at both recognizing and addressing a current and prospective client’s needs and goals. To that end, Ascentium has designed a sales training program that can help empower your affiliates to gain Medicare clients and potentially earn additional business from your current financial services clients.

In addition to in-person and online training, Ascentium can provide scripts, PowerPoints, videos and other material so your affiliates have the resources they need to be successful.

Ascentium, LLC is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, the federal Medicare program or any other government agency.

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