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As a new year approaches, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the pressure of launching your new marketing initiatives.

Splashbot and the Yearlong Marketing Campaign combine to make a fully-automated email marketing campaign, putting your marketing on autopilot.

Outsource to a team of dedicated marketing coordinators who know the industry and can strengthen your marketing through the use of proven services, including:

1. Save time
Email campaign lasts 52 WEEKS and features 13 LEAD CAPTURE SPLASH PAGES

2. Use video
Each splash page includes EXPLAINER VIDEOS, a marketing necessity used by a majority of marketing professionals.

3. Create a customer journey
According to senior-level marketers, a cohesive customer journey is very important – this campaign has all touch-points and channels!

With high-quality and relevant content that drives leads, you can work smarter and not harder.

Fill out the form below to learn how SplashBot and the Yearlong Marketing Campaign can be the marketing solution your practice needs.

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