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1040 Tax Overlay Tip Sheet

The tax tool you need for your next client meeting.

Instantly download the 1040 Overlay Tip Sheet to maximize your clients' income.

Help ease your clients' tax day jitters.

While you may not be a tax professional, you can still gain enough knowledge about taxes that you may be able to address some of your client’s nagging concerns as the filing deadline draws near. It is more important than ever to view your taxes proactively. The first step is to look for savings opportunities and areas a client may be unaware exist.

The 1040 Tax Overlay Tip Sheet, a small part of our full Found Money: Tax Reform Report, will help you look for those savings opportunities and maximize the income of your client.

There are several relevant tax topics that you can also address with your clients:

  • • Benefitting from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017
  • • Using recent tax reforms to your advantage
  • • Holding tax reform seminars, even if you’re not a tax expert
  • • Transitioning a person interested in tax reform law into a client
  • • Explaining to clients and prospects that taxes can be part of a strategy that increases income and reduces risk